When I was 22, I bought a pair of Converse shoes. It wasn’t my first pair and certainly not my last — but it was a special pair. Why so special? They have always been my favourite pair of shoes and as a result, they’ve been on some pretty special adventures.

When I did a ski season, they took me up and down the mountain each day as I hitchhiked up to my job with my mates. Then they went on the road trip afterwards — an endless summer of beaches, beers and music with the best friends in the world. …

Have you ever looked into a child’s eye? I mean really, looked. At the shape — round, oval, how they sit so neatly under the eyebrows. The size, how delicate and petite they are, like a perfect marble. And how perfect the skin around it is.

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Baby blues

As an exclusively breastfeeding mum who didn’t really share the job with anyone else, I spent hundreds of hours up close with my babies, no more than 10 inches from their face. All hours of the day, in all manner of places. …

There’s 168 hours in a week. 56 of those are spent sleeping (if we’re lucky) and about 10 commuting to and from work. I spend the rest wondering how I’ll have time to get everything done, and boy is the list long! Wake up, get myself ready, pack the baby’s bag for daycare (including her bottles that were sterilized the night before), wake baby for breastfeed, change nappy and dress her ready to leave by 6.45am.

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Happy baby-daddy ;)

Then there’s the daycare drop-off and getting to my desk by 8.30am. Then I have 9 hours of dealing with sometimes questionable individuals before making a break for it to get back to daycare by 6pm for the evening pickup. Drive home in time to feed the baby dinner, bath her and then breastfeed before getting her in bed as close to 7pm as possible. Hopefully, amongst all that, I’ve managed to wash the bottles and start the sterilizer plus start defrosting a meal cooked the previous weekend for hubby and I, otherwise it’ll be cheese on toast or take-away. Hubby and I eat before I make tracks to the shower so I can wash the day away and prepare my unruly mane for the next day before finally reaching bed. …


Heather Woods

Founder of @HeatherWoodsMedia | Australian freelance writer living blissfully in New Zealand | Servant to a stubborn beagle named Rosie.

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